Physical Therapy in Miami

Physical Therapy in Miami

Physical therapy (PT) includes the assessment and development of treatment plans so patients may restore function, maintain and promote optimal physical function and reduce / manage pain.
Our physical therapists focus on mobilizing patients safely to restore functionality. They also focus on balance and vestibular disorders, deficits in range of motion and strength.
Treatments may include:
• Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
• Upper / Lower extremity pain, disorders and limitations
• Post-operative rehabilitation
• Sports injury recovery and skill improvement
• Spine disorders
• Neck / back pain
• Headache and jaw disorders
• Weakness and deconditioning
• Loss of function and conditioning due to surgery, trauma, disease process or overuse
• Work-related injuries
• Issues with Balance
• Injury education and prevention

Our therapists establish home exercise plans, activity modification and management programs so patient care can continue within the home. We offer education, training and resources for caregivers and family members to support the rehabilitation process.

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