Bio Networks Inc. offers the following therapy services to clients with a wide range of diagnoses

Evaluation and Treatment

Bio Networks, Inc. provides complete and comprehensive evaluations and treatment for children with sensory, motor, feeding, communication, social, emotional and family issues.  We work with individuals whose diagnoses can include:

  Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Neurological Disorders including Cerebral Palsy
Learning Disabilities
Autism/PDD/Asperger’s Syndrome
Motor Coordination Disorders/Dyspraxia
Fine and Gross Motor Issues
Communication and Relating Difficulties
Language/Articulation Disorders
Auditory Processing Disorders
Oral Motor/Feeding Difficulties
Oral/Speech Apraxia
Social/Emotional Issues
Adjustment Difficulties

The Children We Treat

Children come to Bio Networks, Inc. to develop sensory processing abilities, speech and language skills, motor adaptive skills as well as visual motor/perception, feeding, communication, play, social and adjustment abilities.  Children experiencing difficulties in these areas may exhibit the following:

  Limited gross motor abilities
Over or under reactions to movement, touch, sights,  sounds and other sensations.
Limited ability to organize themselves
Erratic arousal level of alertness
Poor attention and focus
Poor balance and coordination
Clumsiness or frustration in motor activities
Difficulty with fine motor skills and school performance
Poor handwriting
Difficulty with reading and spelling
Difficulty expressing themselves
Unclear speech patterns
Inconsistent ability to follow directions
Listening and auditory processing difficulties
Problems sucking, eating and/or swallowing
Poor play and social skills
Family and emotional difficulties

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