Bio Networks Inc. offers the following therapy services to clients with a wide range of diagnoses

Adult Speech Therapy

Speech therapy 

Speech therapy (ST) includes the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapists work to assist with functional communication for a variety of patients including, but not limited to, those who have neurological disorders and other complications affecting speech / effective swallow:

  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Alzheimer’s

Our speech therapy team works with patients so they can communicate effectively and express themselves in daily life. We also help patients by evaluating swallowing deficits and collaborating with physicians, nursing staff and caregivers to determine the safest textures for eating and drinking. Assisting caregivers in the care of our patients is highly important to us as we consider it to be part of the treatment plan. If an individual is not able to achieve independence in communication, speech therapy can offer education, counseling, resources and strategies for both the individual and his/her family for the most effective method of communication to improve quality of life. Treatments may include:

  •  Dysphagia: Strategies for safe swallowing
  • Tracheostomy / Passy-Muir Valve
  • Language Impairments of Expression: Receptive and Expressive
  • Motor Speech Disorders: Dysarthria (slurred speech) / Apraxia
  • Voice: Vocal quality and Breath support
  • Cognitive Communication: Assessment and Retraining
    • Attention, Memory, Cognitive Retraining
  •  Articulation Disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Hearing
  • Assessment / Training for Communication Modalities (Alternative communication devices)

Our speech therapists are certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT®) targeting improved communication for patients with Parksinson disease. We also have trained therapists who work with Interactive Metronome.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) includes the evaluation and treatment of patients who may have limitations due to physical injury / illness, cognitive impairment, psychosocial dysfunction, sensory impairment, learning disabilities or environmental barriers. Our occupational therapists work with patients to resume roles, activities and “jobs” of everyday living. They set out to assist patients who are at risk or affected by any impairment affecting or limiting their quality of life and independence.  In addition, our team also works to prevent deterioration of current skills a patient has and needs for activities of daily living. Treatments may include:

  • Activities of daily living training (safety, home management skills)
  • Fine and gross motor coordination
  • Range of motion and strengthening
  • Edema management
  • Cognitive testing and treatment
  • Training in adaptive equipment
  • Home or environmental modifications
  • Energy conservation and joint protection techniques
  • Seating and positioning
  • Visual perception
  • Transfers

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) includes the assessment and development of treatment plans so patients may restore function, maintain and promote optimal physical function and reduce / manage pain. Our physical therapists focus on mobilizing patients safely to restore functionality. They also focus on balance and vestibular disorders, deficits in range of motion and strength. Treatments may include: • Stroke and neurological rehabilitation • Upper / Lower extremity pain, disorders and limitations • Post-operative rehabilitation • Sports injury recovery and skill improvement • Spine disorders • Neck / back pain • Headache and jaw disorders • Weakness and deconditioning • Loss of function and conditioning due to surgery, trauma, disease process or overuse • Work-related injuries • Issues with Balance • Injury education and prevention Our therapists establish home exercise plans, activity modification and management programs so patient care can continue within the home. We offer education, training and resources for caregivers and family members to support the rehabilitation process. Insurances Covered

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